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HC shoe net April 5th news American rugby league (NFL) 3, in Broolyn, New York, displayed the New Jersey of the 32 teams in the league. The New Jersey is provided by Nike, and the previous use of the Reebok suit will be replaced by the new season. Nike sponsors the new American Football League Team New Jersey click here to see all the news pictures Nike produced the New Jersey NFL improvement in material and design, made of lighter and better permeability of the fiber, no increase in Jersey weight, increase inside and outside protection pad two layer shirt; players around the ankle socks also increased pad design, more favorable to the ankle protection. in the opening scene of the New Jersey, all 32 teams from NFL sent representatives to try the New Jersey and show them. 32???????28????????2?????????????????4????D?D?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the change of the Seattle Seahawks Jersey, New Jersey with dark blue, the Seahawks design hel cheap nfl jerseys free shipping met more aggressive, and increased the banner; Chicago bears Jersey GSH (former coach initials) significantly enlarged, to commemorate the former coach George Harrah's S??. New York giant Cruz, who has won the Super Bowl this season, says the New Jersey is softer and more fit, which should help him get rid of the defender. "This shirt is more suitable for your body, relatively tight, so the other side can't hold you, which is the key element for me. I want to make sure that the shirt is more flexible so that I can get rid of the defense faster, not be caught and put down, "Cruise described the feeling of the New Jersey. Attend the New Jersey unveiling event NFL star players including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore's Rothlisberger crow team of Les and San Francisco 49 team Alex? Smith and the new England patriots wilkie. Brown, Cleveland's outer guard, Armonty Bryant, won't play the next match against Kansas City chieftain because of being arrested on Friday morning. according to the local court records show that Bryant and Brown teammates deante - Saunders (De'Ante Saunders) due to the 60 mph limit range of driving speed reached 75 miles per hour and was stopped by the police. Saunders, who drove, refused to take a blow test. local police said Saunders was arrested for driving after drinking. In addition, they are also Saunders's car seized a pistol. The information on the gun will be reported to the local prosecutor's office because Saunders does not have permission to carry the gun. , and Bryant, has been carrying the prescription drug Adela (a psychotropic drug) without a prescription. If he can't issue a prescription, he will be charged with a crime. general manager Brown ray (Ray Farmer) - French Moore said in a statement Saturday morning team to 5.5 sacks ranked team of Bryant and Saunders was arrested in second after it was stopped by traffic police. "This is some of the charges we're going to take seriously," Farmer said. "The importance of making responsible decisions is emphasized by all members of the team. This makes two members feel bad because of making bad decisions." Farmer also said the matter would be regulated by NFL's personal behavior regulations. this is not the first time Bryant has violated the law. When he was still in college in 2012, he was arrested for selling marijuana. After being selected by Brown in 2013, he was arrested at the school stadium due to a wine drive.Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) recently gave his teammates run Weile viand - Baer (Le'Veon Bell) sent a sensitive and inspiring newsletter. Brown wrote in his Twitter: "it's a Super Bowl season, and go to the brothers @ Baer." obviously Brown is encouraging Baer and the team to complete the signing of the $12 million 120 thousand tag of the privilege tag, which is also the second time that Brown sent a similar briefs to Baer. and Baer are not able to reach Steelers in July 17th before the growth period of contract, and Baer had claimed he wants to have the league's top running back income or income over the second alliance. no matter what Baer's idea is, it is clear that Brown would like Baer to reach a consensus with the team as soon as possible and start preparing for the fifty-second Super Bowl. But Brown obviously needs to be patient, because Baer's contract will take time to finish it.The official website of NFL | Lewis warned Beckham: your actions too | football at the end of Sunday's game not long after Lewis retired Baltimore crow linebacker ray (Ray Lewis) to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) a warning. Lewis said, "brother, your behavior is overdone. Every act of your game is bad. There are many ways to fight back, but it shouldn't hurt your team's behavior, but it should be for the team. For before Beckham could face the threat, Lewis said: I am not satisfied with no one to stop him, if you see who lost control of active attack opponents remember to catch him, I remember that I once had, but my teammates immediately caught me and told me to calm down your brother lost my mind. now Beckham has been punished for a league match. related news: giant Beckham was banned by a giant

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