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Beijing time on December 11th, the thirteenth week the focus of the war in North America "steel crow war", the American League District No.1 contender Pittsburgh Steelers home court against Baltimore crow, crow is still in the playoffs and the Steelers wild card victory secure home court advantage throughout the playoffs. The opening crow initiative, third 8 yards Joe Fraco suddenly remember to find Wood Hyde plagioclase pass with 22 yards after Fraco pass hot continuous find Mclean and Collins won the first attack. But the third 4 yards, Fraco pass too directly by the Steelers Davies backcourt steals! The opening Raven was hit by a huge blow. The Steelers offensive team to play second 10 yards to find marteles Ben Bryant scored 8 yards after Baer got the first attack leviant. The opening is very soft, the Steelers offensive attack is a continuation of the season called horror play, rushed from all the crow in the door. The big two consecutive find "pig" James got a first attack and 9 yards, 1 yards and three leviant - Baer himself rushed the ball, a snake walk and even out of the 9 yards into the red zone. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping A 10 yards, a big ball found down to the lateral leviant - Baer, the latter holds into the region to take orders from the array! The additional score kicked into 0-7. crow attack, second 11 yards, find the road to get the first flao Moore attack, after the third 2 yards again to find Campagnaro got 8 yards to get the first attack. But after a third attack by the defense against Steelers, only punt. The Steelers offensive team play again, Baer leviant - almost unstoppable, the first ball scored 7 yards after his run to get 10 yards, let the crow touched the North line. After the second pass also resorted to the weapon, 10 yards outside find Macdonald got 19 yards, two stalls came 8 yards, 2 yards at third Wallace profound route was dead, out of their own pockets to slide 5 yards. After three to 3 yards, Antonio Brown and the other side cornerback singled out to gain the advantage of a big hint, rainbow 10 yard line, 28 yards long to get directly into, after the Steelers foul from the 1 yard line started, leviant - Baer cruised into the region again touchdowns! The additional score kicked into 0-14. crow attacks, Collins won the first three continuous run of 10 yards, second flao find Alan got 20 yards. Then Collins went on and rushed to get the first attack. The thirty yard line, a direct challenge to find the end flao Moore, who easily get the ball in the end zone of array! The additional score kicked into 7-14. The Steelers offensive team to play three to 3 yards, Antonio Brown also singled out the cornerback position again, to take 28 yards long rainbow! However, after the attack, leviant - Baer was injured. Check the rest, seeing the crow run the ball weapons in life at, once almost manufacturing steals, third directly captured and killed wallace. The Steelers only shot kick kicked 7-17. The crow attacked. 〉defensive front end Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) once refused to comment on his future in New York giants, but now he has made public his own idea that he wants to play for the giants all his life. The may be the best five defensive alliance in front of the end of their tight lipped players throughout the season will be the end of the rookie contract. In the past five years, he has made 36.5 escapement and 2 career bowls. in short, his price will not be cheap. "If I could stay here, I would like to be a giant for life," Pierre - Paul told ESPN. "But who knows? I don't know what's going to happen, and I don't worry about what's going to happen. When we need to negotiate, my broker will deal with this with the giant. " 's privilege tag for Pierre Paul is now the most suitable way. It will give him another year to prove that he has got rid of the influence of back surgery and shoulder injuries, but people can't help thinking about the long-term possibility. Pierre - Paul is now 25, and according to Pro Football Focus, he is the league's best 4-3 run defensive end. The colossus seems to have spent more time talking about his talent than looking for a creative way to use him. But general manager Jerry - Rees (Jerry Reese) has hardly ever given second contracts to his selected players. As the end of the season the team and others hope to get a contract for a long time, but also become a puzzle team for the future speculation. The giant may take a different path. But if Pierre Paul is willing to do anything to help the giant give him a long contract, the team should accept him.The official website of NFL, Ross and Cockrell signed the Steelers bidding contract, football nest Ross - Cockrell (Ross Cockrell) last year as a cornerback in the Steelers starting all the games, but the team did not intend to give him a raise. Cockrell only signed the lowest bid contract with the team, which means that other teams can offer him a bid. But if the Steelers no match the offer, the team must give the Steelers provide a four round sign. Finally no one is willing to try to do this, Cockrell will remain in the Steelers array. Cockrell will account for $1 million 797 thousand in the 2017 season. He reap 62 grappling and 14 break passes last season. 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