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quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) to determine the Seattle Seahawks and sign the new contract will make him the highest paid player in the league. But don't expect the contract to change the form of the elite star contract. In Monday's NFL website, Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) denied that Wilson's long-term contract would include full income. According to the Seahawks team sources, Wilson's contract will include a high, but not the full protection of income. As for the negotiation timetable, he reported that the goal is signed before the start of training camp. The Seahawks want linebacker Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) signed a new contract, but Wilson is clearly the priority of the Seahawks this summer. The negotiations between the two sides have not begun yet. To solve complex problems after the contract, Wilson will carry high salaries to his fourth NFL season, the change from Wilson prior to the performance benefits of high quality and inexpensive Seahawks would be a new challenge.Author: NFL official network analyst Elliot Harrison No.1 the eagle (6-1) = 1 's first th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rone easy to master! Not a common people! When was the hawk coming to be the strongest team in the league? If I want to say it, it may go back to the first two months of the 2004 season. At that time, Andy Reid (Andy Reid) led the Hawks to win the first seven games, but later they went to the Super Bowl second times, though they didn't win. Can the team participate in the summit? If Carson (Carson Wentz) - Wentz can keep the show on Monday night, it is quite possible. The 64 yards of Mark Hollins (Mack Hollins) with the new rookie was really beautiful. Do you think this is not enough? Remember to look at the end of the first half and run corner (corner Wentz route: after kicking 45 degrees running toward the line of the proximal end of the front line) Zach (Zach Ertz) ertz completed a touchdown pass. As to the end when Clement (Corey Clement) the touchdown...... It's only a word to believe that if I score 1-10 points, the pass is 1000 points. Mobility watts is staggering. James MVP? No.2 RAM (5-2) = 1 rams have performed a fantastic performance at home abroad. Calm the Jared GF (Jared Goff) add fire to the team, Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli still maintained a high output, Wade - Phillips (Wade Phillips) defense group performance also improved a lot. Although the third quarter GF error caused by the ball, to the Arizona Cardinals a fairly good attack position, still find a way to ram zero closure opponents. Gly is flattered to brush data flying, seven games he has harvested 920 advance yardage and 8 touchdowns. It can be very strong. No.3 Steelers (5-2) = 1 leviant - Baer (Le Veon Bell) and Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) is still the offensive group carry handle, but Sunday's game the victory ultimately defense. Baer's 35 shot allowed the defensive team to rest for more time in the field, and the defensive coordinator Keith Butler was commendable for his performance. In the first half from 14 points after the Steelers defense has found a way to limit the tiger attack, half obviously effective adjustment. William - Gaye (William Gay) and Joe Hayden (Joe Haden) were intercepted once. Bard - Du Purui (Bud Dupree) to the tigers quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) 〉Oakland Raiders will make the No. three quarterback and left Jiefeng bench in 2002 since the first playoff appearances. The left Jiefeng Donald Bing formally identified Raiders (Donald Penn) will be absent due to a knee injury against Houston Dezhou in the playoffs. bin was injured in a seventeenth week defeat to the Denver Mustang. He was absent from training all week. The absence of in the next game will mean that this is the first time for the guest to be absent since the 10 year of the season. He has fought 160 games in a row. "The whole season is one of the league's best left Jiefeng, especially in the rush to cover the ball open. The news is not good for the first start of his career as a new rookie Connor - Cook (Connor Cook). He showed his strong arm strength and his ability to continue to improve when he was on the bench in the last match. But he had a copy of the pass and, for a while, looked like a lost new show that didn't get much training time. is absent in the blind side of the best protector case, in the face of the opponent ball impact hand Jed (Jadeveon Clowney) - viand clowney and Whitney - Moshe Ruth (Whitney Mercilus), Cook will be in big trouble. Mei inside Watson (Menelik Watson) is expected to be served as the starting left Jiefeng, and Austen - Howard (Austin Howard) on the right side of the regression. an excellent attack front is likely to be the most inappropriate time to suffer injury. The Raider this season is the team that makes the opponent get the least to kill (18). They all flush the ball 120.1 yards, the League ranked sixth, the ball players contact with the opponent to reach 2.4 yards, the League ranked eleventh.Some symbolic symbols from the capital of Holland are displayed on the sphere by Schiffmacher in their style and tattoo language. The theme expressed is strength and link. Schiffmacher is a well-known figure in Holland football, his tattoo works can be seen in some Dutch players and the effectiveness of occupation diehard fans of the body, which makes the Holland Football League initiative to contact him, is also a tribute to the Dutch league was founded in sixty years the most special.

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