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Mike Evans (Mike Evens) is the third season of pirate in Tampa Bay this season. He is the top 10 player in the league this season, and has completed 91 passes, 1256 yards and 11 touchdown. And for the first time in the career bowl. , but if you ask him, he will tell you he is not satisfied. "I think I have done the right thing this year, everyone has told me how successful I am, and I think I am also able to perform." , but obviously his performance can't save the attack team of the team. The pirate offensive team is at the end of the alliance, but their offensive team is actually full of talented players. Evans then explained his views: "I have to do their own right, but that is because people do not have to look at the video game like us, so I think I just can also just, I think maybe I can become the first 5 external hand, but if I to become the first foreign over obviously I can help the team to the playoffs." the last game of the week, the pirates need other teams to finish 7 possibilities together to get into the playoffs. But one thing is certain, Evan cheap nfl jerseys free shipping s is still the key to the team. Evans's more than 1000 yards of the ball in this season has also been the fourth player in the first three seasons of the league's history to complete more than 1000 yards of the ball. ? The NFL team has been carried out in the offseason project. This time is a good opportunity to build an atmosphere of confidence and optimism. The young Losangeles ram quarterback Jared GF (Jared Goff) is also full of confidence. ?????????????????y?32???????????????????????????????????????-??????Sean McVay???????????? He also praised the team in the free market, rams hired left Jiefeng Andrew Whitworth (Andrew Whitworth), John Sullivan (John Sullivan Center) and Robert Woods (Robert over Wodds). And the internal atmosphere of the team is far more harmonious than the outside guess. "I think we are closer to our goals than people think." GF said, "we have players, talent, all the jigsaw is ready, only to sort them out." If wants to prove what it is, GF needs a lot of power. GF think, than a year ago has just joined the team, they have to adapt to NFL, and Tom Moorhouse - quarterback Instructor (Tom House) and Adam (Adam Dedeaux) Diduosi together also made him more confident.the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by Doug - Martin (Doug Martin) and Charles Sims (Charles Sims) running back combination without attention to one of the league's best running backs combined in this season. Martin now has 1354 yards of second in the league with 273 shots. Outstanding performance in the next game against the Carolina Panthers in the game may help him over Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) ranked first, this will be the first red ball number ranked first in the League of the pirates players. Sims is an undervalued double threat, with a total of 1001 yards (514 yards, 487 yards) for the ball. Martin, 26, will be a free agent at the end of the season, but the two sides have begun negotiations to ensure that Martin will remain in the team. "We have a little talk," general manager Jason Richter (Jason Licht) said. "We must have more negotiations. We want to keep Doug. " in the last offseason, the pirates seem likely to give up the poor performance of Martin, but he showed a great rebound in the season. Martin is a pillar of pirate attack group in the season for a long period of time, reducing the four rookie Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) at the pressure on the shoulder. , and Martin, also said he wanted to stay with the pirates, but at the moment he didn't care about the contract negotiations. "I like it here, I have a beautiful home here," Martin said. "I'm willing to return. But now I'm focusing on our last game. I noticed that they were negotiating, but I'll let them deal with it now. " The occupation bowl running back might be a Demake - Murray (DeMarco Murray) 5 year $40 million contract last year and the Philadelphia signed a similar price. Whether the pirates want to spend so much money on the position of running guard remains to be observed. But keeping Martin in the pirates will be the top priority for the free players market to open.Minnesota Vikings will start their future star quarterback in sixth weeks. Tactic - Bridgewater (Teddy Bridgewater) on Sunday after an ankle injury missed Thursday's game, the Vikings in Cristian Pound (Christian Ponder) under the leadership of the poor performance of the very struggle, only got a touchdown for Bridge, Voight is a temporary decision game, but not too many changes to overcome. In the next week against lions before he had a long week to restore the body now, coach Mike (Mike Zimmer) - season ink mentions that Bridge Voight will start next week at a news conference after the game, the quarterback himself said after the game he was "no doubt" will be the first play the game against the lions. Bridgewater gave the team hope, and in the case of 2-3 special team needs a victory against the division rival, the 2014 first round pick in his NFL debut performance exciting, he in the game from victory Falcon code number 300+ and get a rushing touchdown. is a deeper, Bridgewater gave the team a spark, and he will be the development of the season since 2009 Britt faffe (Brett Favre) make the alliance shocked after the Vikings quarterback in the draft pick a huge success on the hand full of wit.

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