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|CPBA 3rd anniversary National Bowling bowling tournament celebration - written in the last has been saying that there is a final summary of the system, always finding it difficult to outline the this CpBA 3rd Anniversary fellowship, I am the sponsor, but in fact more is learning During the game, one of my most important tasks was to listen and watch 's intention is the consistent rule of CpBA. Please rest assured that I have written down your opinions on can be said in the Chinese bowling competition is a complex project, from the planning to the implementation of this thing, after experiencing more than half the time, overcome the difficulties and obstacles. The CpBA 3rd anniversary National bowling game is so successful that it can't do without the support and help of Under , only a group of photos, through the moment of this activity, to the silent dedication, hard work of the partners to express their heartfelt thanks!!! cheap nfl jerseys free shipping 〉NFL official website, chief David Charles ran for the next game to get more opportunities in football nest Kansas City Star running back Jamal Charles (Jamaal Charles) did not play what role in their 2016 season debut, playing against Pittsburgh Steelers game finished 2 balls made only 7 yards. , the four player who is selected for the professional bowl expects to get more opportunities in the match against Oakland Raiders. He told reporters on Wednesday that he was no longer restricted. I'm here, I've got a hundred percent back, you can say 110%, Charles said. I was on the court and I was playing. was originally expected to be back in the next game after he recovered from his second career in the anterior cruciate ligament of his knee. Play the game due to Monty Kendrick West (Charcandrick West) due to injury, he was pushed down on the No. three running back off position. manager Andy - Reed (Andy Reid) confirmed that Charles could play a little longer as long as he did not have any further injuries. although Spencer Weil (Spencer Ware) as a starter of outstanding performance, the Emirates averaged only 90.3 yards rushing yardage, ranked twenty-first. They are sure to use Charles's offensive ability, and the average Charles career can push the ball up to 5.47 yards each time, ranking first in history. I felt I was fast, I never lost speed, Charles said. My talent is speed, and I still have speed. I thank God for letting me keep speed. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.10 7 months at ten in the morning, a big wave of football enthusiasts gathered Xiaowuji Fitness Center No. 2 on the football field, sponsored by the love ball treasure NFL flag football tournament Beijing division of group group phase game is like a raging fire in the. at nine in the morning, 22 University team gathered in Xiaowuji stadium, began the warm-up activities. Although the sky buzuo, autumn rain has not stopped, but the lower temperature did not affect the players enthusiasm, the football field of wonderful events, a sound of shouting slogans seem to tell you - the new season, we are ready! six groups, a total of more than 30 games, the final six teams stand out, strong promotion to the final of the October 22nd University team. pedestria, who is the winner? 10 month 22, we will wait and see! at the same time, the Guangzhou District primary school group's competition was also hot in Foshan Tianjing center. The small players of the skyline are playing well and giving the audience a wonderful game. Let's applaud for their courage! event preview Ten in the morning 10 on Sept. 16, Beijing public schools division group, the game will continue in Xiaowuji Fitness Center No. 2 football field started! Wonderful to continue, see a lot, together to witness the emergence of the championship team!The official website of NFL | Brady missed red | football patriots defeat Beijing time in August 8th, the 2014NFL season ended a focus. At the core of the team Tom Brady (Tom Brady) the absence of the new England patriots, 6:23 to defeat the Washington redskins. before the game in the three quarter, the Redskins have been an easy job to do 20 points, while the Patriots lost. The first Redskins shot in the 39 yards, scored 3 points, and Cousins (Cousins), Robinson (Robinson) for short touchdown. The Patriots were 10 points behind in the first section. The second section of the red skin was shot at 27 yards and scored 3 points again. The red skin in the first half was 13 - 0. The third section Cassens passes the ball to Robinson again. The fourth section of the red skin scored at 39 yards, and at the end of the time the Patriots finally got the match and got 6 points to save the face.

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