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Tennessee Titan's first quarterback Jack Rock (Jake Locker) had another injury and had to retire early in the game. This week, Titan met the visiting Cleveland Brown. The team's first half smooth, once with 28-10 lead. But in Rock in the second quarter because of his right thumb injury exit left hidden trouble for the team, the second half of a sudden change in the situation, Brown even get 19 points, with 29-28 reversal of the titans. After the , Weiss Hunt Whisehunt, the Titan coach, said he could not confirm how serious the injury was to Rock. He would receive magnetic resonance imaging on Monday in the US. Rock's injury comes from a third pass, Brown Drayton (Buster Skrine) - Pasteur schollin for his high collision, eventually leading to injury. Substitute quarterback Charlie White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) and then White Kendall (Kendall Wright) the connection is successful, completed a 11 yard touchdown pass. The game White Hearst 21 pass attempts to complete 13 times, with 194 yards with 2 touchdowns. Although the substitutes were able to pass the quarterback, Titan's bad performance in the second half was a bad result. At the moment, the team can only expect Rock to hurt.The official website of NFL | seventh week official squad list: Noma Shigeto | top football with the end of the sixt cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h week competition, the official team's strength in the seventh week was officially released. The Denver Broncos back to the top, had been the outstanding performance of the San Diego lightning came in second. Philadelphia eagle with stable record up to third, while the long silence of the Dallas Cowboys about the jump up eight to fourth place, relative, just lost to the Cowboys Seahawks down three to fifth. The tiger slipped the most seriously this week with the Panther, and they fell eight to twelfth. The recent poor state of the giants and the Steelers have suffered different degrees of decline. Thousands of years of a Jaguar this week to return to list tail, and it is hard to find a win raiders. The following are all rankings. 1. Denver wild horse 4-1 2. San Diego lightning 5-1 3. Philadelphia Eagle 5-1 4. Dallas cowboy 5-1 The 5. Seattle Seahawks 3-2 6. Green Bay Packer 4-2 7. Indianapolis pony 4-2 The Arizona Cardinals 4-1 8. 9. San Francisco 49 people 4-2 10. Baltimore Raven 4-2 11. new England patriot 4-2 12. Cincinnati tigers 3-1-1 13. Detroit lion 4-2 14. Brown 3-2, Cleveland 15. Carolina Panther 3-2-1 16. kkansas chief 2-3 17. Chicago bear 3-3 18. New York giant 3-3 19. Pittsburgh Steelers 3-3 20. Dezhou people from Dezhou, Houston, 3-3 21. buffalo Bill 3-3 22. Miami dolphin 2-3 23. New Orleans saints 2-3 24. Atlanta falcons 2-4 25. Minnesota Viking 2-4〉| Chinese squash Squash Open Top 8 debut 1/4 finals will move to the Peninsula Hotel Chinese contestant Gu Jinyue joined England's Jeanne · and dunkoff in a photo. (photography Wu Peng) Luca September 4th, Pudong star 2014 China squash tournament in Pudong Sheng Liying to squash center kicks off. On the same day, 16 male and female contestants compete for the eight top competitions. China team two wildcard players were not enemy opponent missed the last eight. in the men's competition, China wildcard contestant Wang Junjie against the number one seed in England's James · James · Will Strop, Will Strop is worthy of the marksman's nickname, he easily won the game by 3:0. Will Strop is one of the most dazzling stars in this open competition. He is 1.94 meters tall and weighs 90 kilograms. The coach is the most famous squash coach in England, Barkam Malcolm Willstrop. In 2005, he won the Qatar elite of the world series. In 2010, he played the final in the world championships. In 2011, during the three games in the Hongkong open, the Kuwait open and the PSA masters, 15 games were created. With a good year of full play, he ranked first in the world in January 2012. Will Strop has participated in five World Championships in the squash team and won three gold and one silver for the British team. He is also the strongest champion of the tournament. in the women's race, Chinese wildcard contestant Gu Jinyue against women's No. six seed England player Jeanne · Duncalfe (Jenny Duncalf) although Gu Jinyue with the score 3:0 defeat opponents, but Gu Jinyue is not afraid of strong opponents, their level of play in the first two innings. Jeanne · Duncalfe has made many achievements in the youth arena and won the championship in the UK, U17, U16, U14, and U12. In 2001, she won the European Youth Championship. In 2003, she won the first crown of the WSA tour at the Atlanta grand master, and is still the top ten in the world. interviewed by the media after the game when Gu Jinyue said: feel honored to a wild card directly into the Chinese open tournament opener against me, today my idol · England player Jeanne duncalf; I felt very excited. I was ready before the game, because this was the best opportunity for me to practice before the Asian Games. At the beginning of the game, the other side might be a little nervous. I had no pressure to play more relaxed. The score in the first game was quite tight. After the second game, Jeanne gradually touched my rules and showed her strength. There were few opportunities to compete with European players in the past. This is a good opportunity for me to learn this year. I hope to be in the Asian Games this year.2015 Foshan Chancheng and the United Kingdom Medway international friendship city exchange match bowling ended, Foshan players swept the top three | Bowling news: CpBA occupation Bowling League 2015 Foshan Chancheng and the United Kingdom Medway international friendship city exchange match bowling was held today in the United States for bowling, the friendly match between the two cities through bowling enthusiasts exchange, deepen the understanding of international friendship city, then consolidate bilateral traditional friendship. Activities were carried out in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. After the match, the British Medvedev members fully affirmed the level of bowling in Foshan, thanked the organizers and contractors for their careful and thoughtful arrangements, and agreed that this event impressed them with great memories. the first three were Foshan players, the first Foshan Chen Weilin, the second Foshan Liao Xiaomei, and the third Foshan Chen tigers (ARC) third Foshan Chen tiger (ARC) first name of Foshan Chen Weilin, second Foshan Liao Xiaomei

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