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The official website of NFL and Capet, Nick refused to stand for the National Anthem by the parties to the dispute, football nest Colin Capet Nick has been standing up for 3 consecutive pre-season games, refusing to play the national anthem, and told NFL reporters Steve Wicz that he decided so much because he felt that the current American society is still very unfair to African Americans and other minorities. In response to Capet Nick's move, the 49 men of San Francisco issued the following statement: the national anthem has always been a special ceremony before the competition. Every time the national anthem is played, it commemorates our motherland and thanks for the freedom it provides for all of our citizens. And out of the belief in freedom of belief and freedom of speech in the United States, we recognize the right of each individual to choose to participate in or not participate in the ritual of our national anthem. for Capet Nick's series of comments, a lot of NFL players, coaches have also made a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping different response. Brown's Hall of fame player, the older generation of NFL activist Jim Brown shared his view: I heard every sentence of Capet Nick, he said exactly. I stood with him 100%. But if you ask me, will you do the same? I can only say no, because there are some different things in it. I am an American citizen. I pay taxes and claim equal rights, but this is my country after all. And I don't want ISIS to take any loopholes or anyone else to take away what we have already achieved. Jim - Brown, when he joined the NFL in 1957, had also fought for the equal rights of a few African American players. We've been fighting for this for a long time, Brown said, so now young players can earn their money. Let's see, now 80% players in the league are African Americans. now young people have stepped forward. They are striving for freedom, equality and justice. They are well educated and know how to win their interests with their knowledge. So, 50 years later, a young man suddenly came out. Just like what we did before, we said something for granted. This feeling is like going back to the past. although professional athletes are not willing to speak loudly in public in recent years, Brown believes there are signs that they will be more and more willing to express their positions and aspirations, and dare to face the boycott of the masses. this is absolute. I think Pandora's box has been opened. I'm very glad to see this. Brown said that for many generations, black players of many generations have only known that they can earn more money and do less work. Brokers will constantly remind them to make a good boy all the time to earn astronomical dollars. In the role of money, the formation of such a culture so that the players are not willing to express their ideas openly. quarterback Sam - Bradford (Sam Bradford) knee injury aggravated, the first task to Keith Kenath. The Vikings to the packers this week took control of the situation after the injury to Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) and won 23-10. Although the basic injury to Bradford to withdraw from the competition, but Teddy - Bridji Wouter (Teddy Bridgewater) is still a potential threat to it's starting position, he can be activated from the start of the week could not play in the list. , Tim said after the game, he does not care about this two injured quarterback recovery will have what impact on their own. "I don't want to think of these things," said Tom Kenath, "I am responsible for playing quarterback, I love playing quarterback. I just want to play the ball. " based mben game 38 24, 239 yards, 1 touchdowns, 1 interceptions.The New Orleans saints bring back a familiar player. they will sign old Jia Li Evans (Jahri Evans). team leader Sean Payton (Sean Payton) hinted at the signing of the contract on Wednesday. He said he had signed the Evans who had been the first team in the long run "realistic possibility." Evans was selected by the saints in the draft in 2006. Evans only missed 7 starters in the 10 season for the team. Evans was cut off by the saints in February this year after he refused to accept a pay cut. in this offseason joined the Seattle Seahawks but was finally cut off, Evans won the starting position immediately in the saints. The former saints will continue to adjust the attack front in front of the Oakland Raiders in the first battle of the season.The official website of NFL | Miami dolphins Coach: the team leader of the lack of | football is very disappointed for the Miami dolphins this season. They are now 5 - 9, the last of the United States in the United States. 's recent team's temporary coach, Dan Campbell, said the team was missing the leader in the locker room. He recently told reporters: I think the main problem is the leader, we can do better. We have leaders in the dressing rooms, but they are just finishing their jobs. They just say what they agree or disagree with, instead of leading us to the next new direction. finally said, "the question of leaders is what I'm trying to challenge, and I try to let these guys put their eyes further."

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