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The use of uniform Adidas recently frequently used a collar, and will return the shirt design in 80s. Just as the angry Brazil football Zico, junior, titar and Adriano, the Rossoneri have been Pakistan championship. Wide taping design plus Henley collar back, blessed God makes the new uniform design, integration, highlighting the sharp shirt. the release of this shirt is not only for the new season champion expectations, is to support the team fans of encouragement and praise. There are more than 40 million fans at home, which is the direct drive for the team to move forward.Minnesota Vikings coach Mike - Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) has been planned unless Adrian (Adrian Peterson) Peterson volunteered in the preseason game, otherwise it will let him out. From the Peterson said Saturday, may the running back will be the fourth consecutive season season. "I've been doing this for a long time," Peterson said. "As I grew up, I was tired of trying to play in the pre - season. Maybe in a really important game. if he doesn't play in any 5 games before the Vikings, Peterson will return to San Francisco in the opening match of the 49 men's Monday night games in September 14th, which is just 1st Anniversary away from the first match after he g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ot involved in child abuse last year. Announced at the beginning of Peterson will continue to race in legal trouble after the Vikings did not let him in the next stage of the game and put him in the president exemption list in September 17th. Peterson just fought one game last season and scored 75 yards for 21 times in the 34-7 victory over Saint Louis rams. He hasn't had a shot in the pre - season since he ripped the anterior cruciate ligament in his knee at the end of the 2011 season. After that, the only time he played was the third pre - season match against 49 in the 2013 season. He played in the 3, but did not have a ball. training is likely to be the only Peterson in before the start of the regular season against gain experience. Asked if he had an urgent feeling to face more confrontations, Peterson said, "yes. But I'm very patient. I can wait for the match against 49. "The fifth world handball | Super Cup handball tournament will be held in May | hand Association in Qatar Luca according to the International Handball Federation news, international hands fifth World Super Cup handball tournament will be held in Qatar from May 14, 2011 to 18, more than harbin. the first World Super Cup handball game was held in Vienna, Austria, in January 1997. The title of the game was the World Club Championships. , following the two successful hosting of the World Super Cup in 2002 and 2010, Qatar al Saad sports club will continue to host the world club competition this year on behalf of the International Handball Federation. According to the agreement signed by the international hand Union and alsad club, the club will host an annual Super Cup for four consecutive years from 2010 to 2013. , unlike last year, will add two teams to the Super Cup this year. The 8 teams from five continents will be divided into 2 groups to advance the group preliminary. In addition to host Qatar al Sadd, has won the tournament to qualify the defending champion Spain and Germany from Ciudad real Club Champions League champion THW McGill club. The other 4 teams are the champions of Asia, Africa, the Pan American region and the Oceania handball club. Eighth teams will be sent by the host Qatar another team, they will be a wild card entry. Below is the list of the first four World Super Cup crowns: 1997 (Austria Vienna): Spanish club Santander tecka 2002 (Qatar Doha): Qatar alsad club 2007 (Cairo Egypt Spain): Ciudad real club 2010 (Qatar Doha): Spanish club Ciudad real (Yi Wen)The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: "red, right, 88" | Rugby Red Right 88 was named in the 1980 season's United States Union Division, the Oakland Raider and Cleveland Brown. This is the lowest temperature after the ice bowl in 1967. It is 16 degrees below zero, and the body temperature is 38 degrees below zero. the two sides are not used to this state, the players also slow, the first day no achievements. Then the two teams scored alternately. The score was very tight. When the fourth quarter had 1 minutes and 19 seconds, the Raiders took 14-12 ahead of Brown, the Raiders 2, Brown 2 shots and 1 DAS. At this point, Brown began to attack from 40 yards of the party, using a very rare modern Pro Set formation. regular season MVP quarterback Brian Sipe back to wait for the opportunity, the line to the foot of the time, he saw an opportunity to spread, running back Greg Pruitt received a long pass, advancing to the Raiders touchdown zone before 28 yards, and then ran out of the sideline wit, time stopped in 1 minutes and 12 seconds. The Brown team continued to attack Sipe to trick, again a long pass, but the Raiders defense group gave him great pressure in the defensive team hit the previous step, Sipe a long distance to the left to the right flank, teammate McDonald Oden received the ball, but has been out of bounds, with 1 points of time 06 seconds. 2 file 10 yards, Brown team chose the ground offensive, the ground breaking is in style all their own time so tight, the Raiders unexpected, was playing a full guard Mike Pruitt be taken by surprise, breaking the 13 yards, once again won the first attack, and to attack the Raiders before 15 yards. The Brown team called the first pause, and 56 seconds. at this time, the television broadcast shot to the player Don Cockroft, the hit rate of this game is not high, only 50%. After the suspension, the two sides returned to the field, and the Brown team used the ground to advance again, but this time was to delay time. The Raiders were ready to stop their opponents on the opening line, and Brown called a pause again, with 49 seconds left. all speculated that the last time the Brown pause would be for the final shot to control the time, only to call a pause in the last few seconds. At this point, coach Sam Rutigliano set an incredible tactic for Brian Sipe, which is the legendary Red Right 88, the whole name is Red Slot Right, Halfback Stay, 88, Halfback.

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